Post-Sale Experiences
That Drive Business Results

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Delivering the Art and Science of Customer Success

HelloCCO delivers data-driven solutions to elevate your post-sale experience and drive growth for recurring revenue companies. Whether your goals are to increase customer retention, get customers up and running faster, grow NRR, or expand product adoption, HelloCCO will work with you to design and execute custom onboarding experiences, customer retention programs, measurement tools, and cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

What We Offer

Design Scalable Onboarding Experiences to Accelerate Time to Value and Product Adoption

Develop Data-Driven Approaches to Increase Retention Rates

Uncover Insights with Win/Loss and Churn/Expansion Analysis and Interviews

Streamline and Automate Post-Sale Operations to Enable Scale and Improve Profitability

How We Do It

Our strategies and tactics have been bullet-tested at some of the leading customer oriented companies in the world,                 including Gainsight, Marketo, RingCentral, Intuit, and more.

Define a Roadmap for Post-Sale Success

HelloCCO engages with your organization to define your desired outcomes along with the people, processes                                    and technology solutions required to achieve your post-sale goals

Assess Customer Needs

HelloCCO gathers input directly from your customers through Win-Loss reviews and Churn-Expansion analysis that enables data driven decision-making, process improvements, and optimal resource allocation.

Map Your Customer Journey

HelloCCO facilitates the definition and documentation of your desired customer experience across the various handoffs and touch points in your end-to-end lifecycle

Optimize Client Onboarding

HelloCCO works with you to design onboarding processes that establish a great first impression, accelerate time to value, and increase usage of sticky features that drive retention.

Organize for Growth and Client Delight

HelloCCO helps you evolve the structure of your post-sale teams to support your growing need for client segmentation,                global expansion, partner engagement, and financial predictability.

Measure Results with Confidence and Predictability

HelloCCO identifies your most important KPIs and works with your team to establish reports and dashboards that provide visibility to the most important results and trends

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Anastasia Pavlova

VP of Growth and Demand Generation, OneLogin

Rod is a passionate designer of delightful customer experiences, a Customer Success thought leader, and a results-oriented executive. He amplifies the intelligence and capabilities of people around him and inspires everyone to stretch their thinking. He is a master at getting cross-functional leaders to collaborate and deliver great outcomes for customers.

Beth Kaiser

Principal Strategic Value Advisor, Marketo

Rod developed an Account Health model that predicts clients at risk of churn based on certain behaviors and usage patterns. With Rod's insight and predictive modeling, we are able to focus resources on specific at-risk customers so we have a better chance to save their business and retain millions of dollars in revenue.