My 1st Year in Review

April 3, 2022
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My First Year-in-Review

Many people have asked me recently how things have gone in my first year of business after starting HelloCCO. I thought it would be helpful to share a few observations for my colleagues, clients and friends. 

Professional Wins:

  • Contributed thought leadership and strategic frameworks targeted at the needs of Chief Customer Officers and executives who aspire to that role
  • Developed and published actionable content around a CCO Maturity Model, The Post-Sale SCALING™ Framework, a CCO Tech Stack and much more
  • Invited to share my expertise and stories from the trenches in more than 15 webinars, video podcasts and industry conferences 
  • Provided strategic consulting and advising to dozens of clients and post-sale leaders to help them scale their businesses and accelerate their career growth
  • Worked across functional areas including Professional Services, Implementation, Success Management, Partner Delivery Channels and Education 
  • Met and learned from countless CCOs, CEOs, investors and other independent consultants who generously shared their experiences and best practices

Personal Wins:

  • Created a viable business model that has given me the opportunity to work with really great people to help them grow their careers and scale their businesses
  • Offered me a vision for what a future could look like growing a consulting business outside the constraints of being a CCO at an operating company
  • Provided flexibility to spend more time at my daughter’s track meets, visiting my kids in college, exercising regularly and finding more time for family and friends
  • Pushed myself to expand my skill and confidence around blog posting, public speaking, community building, teaching and intellectual property creation  
  • Facilitated professional introductions and networking opportunities for dozens of job seekers and post-sale executives interested in upleveling their skills

Client Wins:

  • Several clients have been acquired by industry leading companies
  • Several clients have raised $100 million or more in funding at significantly higher valuations
  • Several client executives have been promoted to even more senior roles in their company
  • Countless advisory clients have taken on expanded roles or found exciting jobs at new companies
  • Several clients have introduced new Partner Delivery Channels
  • Several clients have launched new fee-based Implementation or Professional Services offerings
  • Several clients have expanded their Education and self-service offerings
  • Several clients have improved the performance and structure of the CSM teams

I have always been someone who gets enormous pleasure from seeing the success and professional growth of others. My work at HelloCCO gives me an unprecedented opportunity to feel the joy, excitement and satisfaction of others. Not a week goes by without a significant accomplishment, role change or challenge overcome by one of my clients or advisees. It makes me so happy!

I have had my share of blunders too. From invoices sent to the wrong client, disconnects on time zones, missed tax filing deadlines, emails sent from the wrong Gmail account, putting the wrong EIN on my W-9, and many more. None too tragic, but all part of the challenge of starting a new business. 

Thanks to so many of you who have been encouraging, supportive and generous with your time to help me have a very successful first year with HelloCCO. My appreciation also goes out to my clients who have entrusted me to partner with them and their teams to achieve great outcomes for their customers, their employees and shareholders. We are all on this journey together to give Chief Customer Officers and their leadership teams a seat at the executive table. Looking forward to what we can accomplish together in the year ahead!

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