Win a Free Ticket to Gainsight Pulse - Hear Rod Speak about how to Fast Track Your Career

August 12, 2022
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Fast Track your Career with the CCO Playbook

Join me at the Gainsight Pulse Conference on Thursday August 18 at 12:35pm PDT.

I will be presenting in the Innovation Theater in the Expo Hall. The presentation will also be streamed online.

Please send me an email at or instant message me on LinkedIn and I will send you an invite reminder to the presentation with more details.

Do you aspire to be a great CCO? There are seven key strategies that you will need to master to be successful. During this keynote, Rod Cherkas will share the most effective career acceleration strategies from his upcoming book The Chief Customer Officer Playbook. Whether you are already a CCO or you are an aspiring CCO, you will leave this session with a clear and simple understanding of what it takes to fast track your career and be more respected by your executive team. Every post-sale leader needs a playbook and up until now, there have been no playbooks, roadmaps or guardrails to support you on your journey. And while the role of a CCO is new and continuously evolving, it is possible for you to learn the strategies, skills and outcomes that are required for you to navigate the next stage of your career with ease. You don’t need to figure this out alone.

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