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March 2, 2022
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What is your Operating Mechanism Calendar for Post-Sale Executives?

After wrapping up the fiscal year planning process with her leadership team, the Chief Customer Officer at one of my clients set out to document the calendar of operating mechanisms that her organizations would put in place to guide the execution of results for the coming year. Companies these days have what seems like an endless set of low-value meetings, updates and communication channels. Plus there is communication channel proliferation with emails and Slack posts and Jiras that never seem to end. The most important information can end up being lost across multiple channels.

My client was committing to being thoughtful and transparent about how she would lead the organization, communicate progress, and maintain visibility to priorities and results.


  • CCO participates in Executive Staff Meeting - represent your customer facing team to the CEO's leadership and demonstrate company-wide impact
  • CCO's Leadership Team Staff Meeting - align on strategic initiatives, collaborate cross-functionally and prioritize investments across the group
  • 1:1's with Direct Reports - action-oriented dialog to drive career development, organizational alignment and delivery of results

Weekly or Bi-Weekly

  • Dashboard Review/Forecast Review - create visibility and transparency to results that hold leaders accountable for outcomes
  • Initiative Review/Sprint Review - focus on key strategic initiatives that drive continuous improvement and results across teams

Monthly or Quarterly

  • CCO Organization All-Hands - communicate strategies, recognize progress, and create opportunities to share best practices
  • 1:1's with Key Peer Leaders - such as Product, Sales and People teams (Not all of them!)


  • Quarterly Business Reviews - most commonly with the CCO's extended leadership team
  • Win-Loss Reviews - review stories behind the significant expansions or significant churns with the CCO's leaders, Sales leaders and others
  • Planning Offsite/Working Session - for the CCO's leadership team and/or extended leadership team
  • CCO Board Meeting Presentation and Participation - create board level visibility to strategic impact and results

What else would you add? Delete? Please send me an email at with your thoughts

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