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HelloCCO partners with CEOs, Chief Customer Officers and their leaders to develop, execute and scale strategies for their Post-Sale organizations.

Meet Founder Rod Cherkas

Rod Cherkas is a strategic thought leader, customer success pioneer, experience design innovator, and accomplished operational executive. Since 2002 -- working in executive roles at groundbreaking client success companies Gainsight, Intuit, RingCentral, and Marketo --  he has been at the forefront of defining and executing innovative post-sale experiences for recurring revenue businesses. Rod earned his MBA from Stanford Business School and his B.A. in Economics from Duke University.   

Rod Cherkas giving a presentation about customer experience

Outcomes We Deliver

Improve Client Onboarding

Design scalable and repeatable  onboarding experiences that enable your clients to recognize value faster and establish strong product usage patterns.

Increase Customer Retention

Apply data-driven best practices, understand client behavior, and design post-sale experiences so you can maximize retention rates.

Grow Net Recurring Revenue

Engage with your cross-functional leaders to define and execute strategies that expand adopton and grow revenue streams from existing customers

Improve Your P&L and Contribution Margin

Increase bookings, improve productivity, and streamline your post-sale operations so you can expand margins and accelerate growth in shareholder value

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